Reiki distance healing

Reiki distance healing for people worldwide.

Being a reiki therapist, I received the gift of transference and sending universal energy for the highest benefits of the receivers. Serving and helping people worldwide when they ask for, is mandatory. Universal vital energy is everywhere in the Universe, inspiring and support the life of every living thing. The intention is one of the most important thing when talking about healing & energizing. So, both of the practitioner and the receiver has to have the same intention. Do not interfere with the healing process. Just let the universal consciousness to do the job. For example, if a disease is manifesting as a headache, it is possible to have a disorder at stomack or intestine level. The energy is always following the intention. As my intention is to send energy for the highest good of the receiver, you have to allow yourself to receive energy with the intention to heal yourself and have the belief that the universal vital energy will go exactly where is most needed and will start the healing process from there. We have to understand that reiki energy is treating the cause, the root of disease, with true effect and finaly heal the physical level. This is the biggest difference between radionics-reiki and the allopath medicine. As people from ancient times believed, we also believe that a disease is firstly located in the light body of a human being. Sometimes, the cause of illness is based in the emotional or spiritual body of human being. Fear, negative emotions, distorted beliefs or negative thoughts are the principal causes of maladies. In respect of those facts, be sure and have the faith that the energy which have been sent to you will repair the root of the problem that you are facing with.

Reiki-radionics could help you with the following, at least:

  • -Release pain of acute conditions (injury, illness) and chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic migraine, rheumatism, cancer or MS (multiple sclerosis).
  • -Releasing stress and tension, attaining a sense of calm, comfort, and peace.
  • -Acceleration of the healing process.
  • -Gaining relaxation and rejuvenating sleep
  • .
  • -Strengthening the immune system
  • .
  •  -Building confidence, transforming negative thoughts and feelings and obtaining a positive outlook.
  • -Releasing depression.
  • -Reducing some of the unpleasant effects of medications or chemotherapy.
  • -Detoxification.
  • -Reducing the trauma of surgery, less pain and quicker recovery. -Bringing energy, clarity, creativity and vitality.
  • -Reducing discomforts associated with pregnancy and childbirth (both mother and baby are receiving the benefits of universal reiki energy)
  • .
  • -Healing emotional pain, distress, and sorrow.Reducing symptoms of menopause
  • .
  • -Minimizing performance anxieties, such as exams-test anxiety, fear of public speaking, anxiety associated with job interviews, auditions, court appearances, or performing any critical tasks at home or at work.
  • -Dissolving blockages and enhance wealth, easing the way to success, prosperity, love, and joy.
  • -Improving harmony and promoting healing in difficult interpersonal relationships.
  • -Bringing to awareness any relationships or situations which are not serving your highest good that was designed by your highest consciousness.
  • -Reducing anxiety and tension around period of changes in your life.
  • -Easing the transition for the terminally ill (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).
  • -Bringing enlightenment, strengthening our connection to Divinity, to our highest source of consciousness.
  • -Support and strength for future tasks.
  • -Releasing and transforming trauma from the past.
  • -Enhance wealth and improve business conditions
  • .
  • -Helping the lose weight process by cleansing the body and release toxins.

The pain or illness could be released in one session of distance healing or more, depending in principal on the time passed since the energy was blocked. Being a divine gift and coming from a divine source, reiki energy knows exactly the time of healing for the highest benefit of the receiver. When I send energy, you can do everything you want, you could sleep, eat, work, drive, meet friends or anything else. Is not depending on the time of sending. Just allow yourself to receive energy and its done. However, I could say, from my experience, that most part of the healing take place over the sleeping or relaxing period, when the receiver's mind and spirit are completely free of thoughts or additional issues (that's why I recommend 3 days healing program at least). The results will show to you in the very first day or as soon as they are meant to appear. You can ask distance healing session for yourself or for other person that you love or know. 

Remote healing & energizing for pets & animals

The animals shares the same environment as we do. I use to think about them as being my brothers, with many issues, most of them caused by human beings. Animals don’t think in a human manner but are more connected to the nature and Universe than we are, so animals are capable to recognize very quickly the universal energy that we send to them, being something very appropriate, very good and relaxing. They responds very effective to the radionic-reiki healing therapy and the results are spectacular. Please see the page below and get radionic-reiki healing sessions for your beloved pets today!


Distance healing & energizing for past or future events, work & business

The universal energy could be send in time, because time is a concept stated only by human mind, it realy doesn’t exist. In despite of that vision, we have to agree that the past is a time that we report as being history. So, radionic-reiki has its specific tools to step over the time and send universal energy to events and situations that has took place before, in order to heal situations that could harm our present life. For example, you can heal relationships from the past (with family, parents, ex-friends, lovers, friends, teachers, other people) that are over but still bring emotional stress to you. Or you could heal past events from your childhood or when you was at school with a lot of stressful things on your shoulders. Practically radionic reiki could be apply in any past situation is needed. You can not change the past but you can use reiki to forgive and be forgiven and release the unpleasent issues coming from there. You will find and feel those passed events in a new light and be much stronger for the new challenges in the future. The future is just about to begin. Each moment of our life is a present, a past and a future, so to speak. So, don’t let the incoming events to desolate you or to appear unexpected. You can send energy to a future event that is very important to you. For example, you could use radionic-reiki practitioner to send energy to your exams, to your job interviews, to your future marriage, to your future work or business, to your future love relations or to your retirement period in order to have a good stage of health, life appetite and energy to love and be loved. We can send healing energy over the time and space, anywhere in the Universe, dimensions, past or future events, or whatever you could imagine. That’s why many people ask for energy on healing sessions to be send to the souls of their beloved persons who passed away, for their calm and peaceful transition.

I have to remind you that your future will become sooner or later your past life, so be prepared to take into account that everything is a continuous transition...BE PRESENT !


How to get radionic-reiki distance healing & energizing session:

Free reiki distance healing session:

Write to me on email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   about the issues that you want to be healed or energized within radionic-reiki spiritual art. The informations and data you send to me are totaly confidential. You have to write to me also: your first name; your location (city, state); your date of birth; a picture of you (or of the person or pet-animal that you want to be healed); if it is about a past or future situation that you want to be energized, send me also the time when the situation has took place or the time when the event/situation is about to be. 


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Thank you and be blessed!

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